Monday, January 9, 2012

Do Hydrangeas bloom from old wood?

what are some common things that most people have that bloom on old wood and new wood as examples?

Do Hydrangeas bloom from old wood?
Yes Hydrangeas will grow shoots and bloom from old wood. as will fuchias and buddleja but will be 100 times better if cut right back to around three leaf buds. same with most types of rose bushes except for ramblers which are best lightly pruned.
Reply:Yes, Hydrangea blooms from old wood. The one exception I know of is the Pee-Gee Hydrangea. The only other plant I've had experience with blooming from old wood is the Spirea and possibly the gardenia.
Reply:Hydrangea's are deciduous shrubs, I grow hundreds a year. We cut them back in mid winter before they start to shoot new growth. My sister has never cut hers back and they look fine. By cutting them back you are making the root system stronger. My personal opinion is if you keep the old blooms cut off in the summer, there is no need to cut the whole plant in the winter, unless you want to control the size of the plant. More examples of deciduous shrubs are:Aesculus parviflora[Bottlebrush Buckeye}, Buddleia[Butterfly bush], Caryopteris{Blue Mist Flower}, Rosa x Knock Out series, there are so many more, my favorite hydrangea is Penny Mac, it is a rebloomer, Big Daddy is nice too. We grow 15 or so different Hydrangeas also ones with bright chartreuse leaves. Happy Growing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:As far as I know, you can't get blooms from old wood.
Reply:yes as long as the wood is not dead scratch it with a knife if green no probs if brown no chance

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